Substance Use Disorder Services


Prior to receiving substance use disorder services, all clients receive a comprehensive substance use assessment to determine the severity of the problem and suitable treatment. Greater Lakes SUD assessment uses the American Society of Addiction Medicine placement criteria in determining appropriate level of service. Following the assessment, clients receive referrals for indicated services. If these services are not available at Greater Lakes, clients may receive interim services until they enter services with another provider. Greater Lakes can refer clients to any level of substance use disorder treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is a primary treatment program for persons with substance use disorders who do not require a higher level of care such as medically- supervised withdrawal management (“Detox”) or inpatient/residential treatment. IOP may also be a follow-up to more intensive treatment as part of an overall continuum of care. IOP focuses on helping clients learn skills to begin or continue their recovery on an outpatient basis designed to accommodate work and family life while still providing an intensive level of service. Services are personalized to meet each client’s specific needs and desires.

Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare offers both day and evening IOP groups consisting of 9 hours of group counseling and education per week over an 8-week period. Clients meet for three 3-hour groups three days per week. Individual counseling sessions are also included throughout IOP.

IOP groups consist of interactive psycho-education and counseling to provide the information and skills necessary for long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Individual counseling sessions ensure that a client’s unique circumstances are addressed.

Upon successful completion of IOP, clients receive referral for follow-up services as needed to deal with any ongoing issues identified during IOP treatment.


Outpatient (OP) services are primarily a follow-up to more intensive treatment, such as IOP, to assist clients in implementing and “fine tuning” their recovery skills. It is also common for people in recovery from substance use disorders to have brief episodes of substance use (“slips” or “lapses”) following treatment, but prior to achieving stable, long-term recovery. These episodes often do not require intensive treatment and can be addressed in OP services.

Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare offers both day and evening OP services on both a group and individual basis. Like IOP, OP groups are offered both during the day and evening. OP groups meet for 90 minutes once per week. Clients in OP groups also receive individual counseling sessions as required or requested. Some clients may request brief individual counseling to address specific issues that the client does not wish to discuss in a group setting. Length of OP services is determined based on each client’s individual needs.

Interim Services

If Greater Lakes does not have appropriate Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment services available (such as inpatient treatment), Interim Services are provided until the individual is admitted to a substance use disorder treatment program. Interim services may include group and/or individual sessions a minimum of once per week to keep the client engaged and prepared for treatment.